Sustainable Food Packaging Solutions

Castaway® is New Zealand’s leading provider of 
sustainable food packaging solutions

Over the past 49 years, Castaway® products have been at the forefront of innovation for the food service industry. The core value of all Castaway® products is innovation, and the desire to create true value for our customers. This remains the cornerstone of the Castaway® range as new product development and continual product improvement are at the heart of our business. From humble beginnings, starting with garbage bags to a range of over 1000 products, the Castaway® range of products has grown as our customer's needs have changed. Today it includes paper and plastic cups, food containers, wrapping materials, plates, bowls, food trays, napkins, cutlery and bags.  Our washroom and janitorial product category is labelled PrimeSource® by Castaway®. This range of products has been developed with the foodservice customer in mind as they cover the needs of food preparation, clean-up and disposal, as well as washroom and janitorial items. The PrimeSource® brand encompasses garbage bags, wipes, gloves and paper goods and dispensers, with a strong focus on using recycled and sustainable materials.

Our commitment to local manufacturing, a culture of continual innovation and the emphasis on customer education by providing options and sustainability information will drive the Castaway range of products into the future as we are committed to providing profitable packaging solutions for our customers.

Our Company

MPM Marketing Services, formerly Cato Packaging is the largest importer and distributor of disposable packaging products in New Zealand.  From our modern offices and distribution centre in Auckland (currently being expanded from 3500 to 8000 square metres), we supply the widest range of packaging products available.  Whether made of plastic, paperboard, paper or foil, our products are used throughout the food retailing and food service industries, including all the major supermarkets and fast food chains.


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