How Different Is it?

It is 100% plastic free

It does not contain any plastics, bioplastics (PLA) or waxes that are harmful for the environment or health.

It uses water-based coating

The barrier layer of this cup is a water-based dispersion coating.

It is printed with water-based inks

These cups are printed using high quality water-based inks — preventing the use of hazardous solvent-based inks.

It’s easily recyclable

By applying a unique water-based dispersion coating to natural carton board, this cup can be easily recycled, without the need for designated plastic removal systems as there is no plastic lining.

It is certified commercially compostable according to EN 13432

Castaway plastic-free cups can be commercially composted, and will disintegrate in 180 days under commercial composting conditions (if not recycled).

The Cup

Castaway® Plastic Free Classic Single Wall paper coffee cups have been designed with specialty coffee in mind. Unlike conventional plastic lined cups (which require dedicated collection and transport to specialised facilities), our water based coated cups are recyclable via existing recycling streams.

The Lid

Made with natural and renewable sugarcane pulp to provide a coffee lid with a cleaner life cycle, these lids are the perfect match for the slim profile of these cups — ideal for cafes and roasteries who prefer the classic two-lid system for easy identification when serving customers whilst providing a sustainable solution to reduce their environmental impact.

The Range


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    Sustainably made from traceable fibre raw materials from certified forests
  • Australia Icon
    made in HACCP
    certified facilities
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    100% Plastic
    free cups
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    Brand Builders® custom printing available


Classic Lid System
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    Made from
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    made in HACCP
    certified facilities
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    Secure Snap-On
    lid fit

8 oz Cup

80 oz/280 ml

285 ml brim fill
50 / sleeve
1000 / carton

Classic lid - 8 oz cup

100 / sleeve
1000 / carton

12 oz Cup

12 oz / 355 ml

435 ml brim fill
50 / sleeve
1000 / carton

Classic lid - 12 oz cop

100 / sleeve
1000 / carton


Together, let’s make a difference

We are on a journey to make the most sustainable and environmentally conscious products, and accelerate the transition to a circular economy for packaging. Over the last two years, we have been developing a revolutionary new technology that removes the lining from the cups.

Promotional Support

We can offer free marketing and promotional support to educate your customers on sustainable initiatives and the correct disposal of Castaway® Plastic Free Cups.

This provides us an excellent opportunity to co-brand and develop customised sales collaterals tailored to your business and target audience.

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Custom Printing

BrandBuilders Custom Printing

Product design and print management

We take great pride in our design, print management and colour accuracy throughout all of our printed products.

Our in-house design studio, is a free, complimentary service to our clients that ensures quality and consistency throughout the full suite of branded packaging, not just one product.

Proudly Promote the Plastic Free Message

More Info?

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