Frequently Asked Questions…

  • What is the best end of life solution for your products?

    All Castaway® products are labeled with the material used in the construction of the item. For plastic products the material code is marked on the packaging allowing customers to identify the correct disposal method for each product.

  • Where can I learn more about the Eco-smart® Range?

    Click here for our Eco-Smart dashboard, information and FAQ’s.

  • Do Castaway® packaging products contain BPA?

    BPA (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical used to make Polycarbonate – a hard, clear, plastic. It is used in thousands of materials around the world, including food and beverage packaging.

    All Castaway® Food Packaging are (and have always been) free of BPA, and fully comply with food safety standards. Each product goes through rigorous third party testing to ensure that they meet food safety requirements, and that no harmful chemicals will leach into food or beverages.

    For more information on our commitment to sustainability, please visit:

  • Where can I send feedback?

    Your suggestions, complaints and requests are always welcome. Please email us here.

  • Where can I buy Castaway® products?

    Castaway® products can be ordered from our reliable foodservice and packaging suppliers throughout New Zealand. We do not sell to the public directly, preferring to supply products through an extensive distribution network nationwide.

    For information about the supplier closest to your business, please contact our customer service team here.

  • How do I order custom print packaging?

    We assist you with design, manufacturing and distribution to create custom printed products that will help build your brand in the marketplace.

    View Brand Builders section to find out more about our capabilities.

    You may contact our sales representatives here.

  • Where can I download your Product Catalogue?

    All of our product literature is available for viewing and downloading. Simply click on the required item to view on screen, or download a PDF. See available resources here.