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Designed for the exacting standards of the coffee industry, the range of premium, high quality Castaway® coffee bags will ensure your beans remain fresh from the roast to the pour.   The standard 1kg side gusset bags are ideal for roasters who sell their beans wholesale. We also have stand-up pouches and box bottom bags with resealable zippers that are perfect for increasing retail sales. Add some personality to your portfolio with custom printing available across the range.

The heavy hitter.

1 kg side gusset bags

  • Heat sealable opening
  • One way degassing valve
  • K-seal construction
  • Designed for behind-the-counter use
  • Brand Builders® custom printing available

The side gusset bag is designed to maximise space utilisation, providing efficiencies for packing, transport and storage. It is the ideal choice for coffee roasters who sell their beans wholesale for baristas to use behind the counter. Side gusset bags can be printed on all four sides, with the side gusset providing a full wrap around canvas for strong   visual impact.

1 kg Matte White


1 kg Brown Kraft


1 kg Matte Black


Standing proud.

stand-up pouches

  • Heat-sealable, wide opening for easy filling
  • Resealable zipper built-in
  • One-way degassing valve
  • Doyen style U-shaped bottom gusset for standing upright
  • Designed for retail coffee bean sales
  • Brand Builders® custom printing available

The stand-up pouch features a wide opening that makes it easy to fill. It is a versatile choice for roasters who pre-fill the pouch with beans, seal with the zipper, and then at the time of purchase, grind them for the customer. The bottom gusset allows the pouch to sit upright on the shelf, and the re-sealable zipper provides added convenience to keep the beans fresh between brews. Both sides of the bag can be custom printed to build your brand.

250 g Matte White


500 g Matte White


1 kg Matte White


250 g Brown Kraft


500 g Brown Kraft


1 kg Brown Kraft


250 g Matte Black


500 g Matte Black


1 kg Matte Black


Packed with features.

box bottom bags

  • Peel 'n' Seal resealable zipper built in
  • Heat sealable opening
  • One way degassing valve
  • Quad seal construction
  • Designed for retail coffee bean sales
  • Brand Builders® custom printing available

The box bottom bag retains its shape to sit neatly on the shelf like a box, ensuring strong visual impact and stability. This allows a greater number of facings on a retail shelf and avoids the need to tape the bottom of the bag. The consistent shape of the bag makes it easy to view and compare different blends. The box bottom bag has five faces available for continuous printing with print-registered side and bottom gussets.

peel ‘n’ seal zipper

Peel the tab to open the bag, and use the zipper to reseal the bag for maximum freshness.

250 g Matte White


500 g Matte White


1 kg Matte White


250 g Brown Kraft


500 g Brown Kraft


1 kg Brown Kraft


250 g Matte Black


500 g Matte Black


1 kg Matte Black



What does the one-way degassing valve do?

The degassing valve vents the CO2 that is naturally released from freshly roasted coffee beans. Without a valve, the release of CO2 gas could rupture the coffee bag. The valve lets the CO2 escape while preventing air from re-entering the bag, ensuring freshness.

How do I use the Peel ‘n’ Seal zipper?

At the top of the bag, lift the tab and peel to the right along the top of the bag. Once the zipper has been peeled off you can open the zipper like any normal bag and press to reseal.

What are the bags made of?

Castaway® coffee bags are made with a mix of materials including bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), metallised PET (VMPET), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). BOPP is the outer material on white and black bags, while brown bags use natural kraft paper. VMPET provides an excellent barrier to light and oxygen that keeps the coffee beans fresher for longer. LLDPE is the inner lining of the bag that provides a food-safe surface, as well as allowing the bags to be heat sealed.

Build your brand.

Stand out from the crowd with custom printed coffee bags to showcase your brand or your blend.

Achieve maximum impact for your brand with custom printing available for any of our standard sizes, or even custom sizes. Our high-quality gravure printing process can produce up to ten colours, delivering photographic image quality, with sharp graphics and text.
A number of outer finishes are available, including:

  • Matte laminate
  • Matte laminate with metallic effects
  • Gloss laminate
  • Gloss laminate with metallic effects
  • Uncoated natural brown kraft

Contact us to find out how you can build your brand with custom printed Castaway® coffee bags.

Print management.

Create stylised text or full logo for TrueColour

At Castaway®, we not only want your brand to be noticed, but we want it looking its very best across all of your branded packaging. Our TrueColour print management system utilises the latest technology to accurately match colours throughout the whole process from initial colour selection, to colour proofs, and final production. Our printing experts will ensure that your brand and design is consistently reproduced across different material substrates for high-quality, colour accurate packaging.

Support our environment.

Reuse your Coffee Bags

If you buy coffee beans by the kilogram, bring your used bags back to the store instead of taking a brand new one every time.

Buy in Bulk

Many coffee roasters and cafes offer coffee beans in bags of 1kg or more. Buy buying in bulk you can reduce your usage. Simply store your beans in a cool, dry and dark spot.

The one-stop
packaging shop.

Castaway® and MPM Marketing Services now provide coffee roasters with a ‘one-stop shop’ for packaging solutions. The new coffee bags complement an existing range of paper coffee cups, napkins, wipes, knock tube bags and containers. Our high-quality packaging, combined with logistical efficiency, can provide you with the ideal platform to achieve your business goals.